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Relive the ‘Golden Age’ of steam! Despite being out of service on the British railways since 1968, the many heritage railways around the country keep steam alive. Now you have the chance to ride the footplate of some of the most iconic steam locomotives ever built.


Nothing compares to the industrial beauty of a steam locomotive - feel the thrill of working on the footplate with the driver and fireman.    Enjoy the sights and smells of a footplate ride through beautiful countryside. Explore this site to see the options available around the country.  Be a driver for a day!

Diesel engines have a special place in the heart for those that experienced the sheer power of these mighty machines. Feel the horsepower as you ride and drive an iconic diesel locomotive.


Nothing compares to the iconic diesel engines of the 1950s onwards, both in looks and the driving experience. Take a ride in the cab of a restored diesel locomotive to really appreciate the experience of driving a powerful diesel engine.  Explore the options using this site – the only centralised footplate experience database.

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